Our Privacy Policy

At DeLong Associates we are committed to the responsible management of our agency. We strive to use and protect personal information pertaining to the individual clients of our customers.

Our Privacy Principles

Customer information is not sold nor is any information regarding their clients.

Information is only shared that is necessary to provide accurate quotes or to meet transaction needs.

Prospective and former customers are afforded the same protection as existing customers with respect to the use of any personal information.

Customer information is not provided to persons or organizations that are not doing business on our behalf.

Personal Information

Personal information is collected to support our normal business operations. This may be obtained directly from the customer, from customer related transactions and from third parties.

Personal information includes personal financial information such as account numbers, financial benefits, policy or claim information, account balances or payments and also includes personal health information.

DeLong Associates has access to personal information in the course of doing business. This included underwriting policies, processing claims, developing new products or advising customers of products and services.

We may share personal financial information with our affiliates, such as insurance companies and other insurance firms and administrators.

Information Security

DeLong Associates uses security procedures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal information in our possession.  We are responsible for identifying information that must be protected, providing an adequate level of protection for that data and granting access to protected data only to individuals who must use it in the performance of their job-related duties.

Scope of Protection

DeLong Associates periodically reviews its policies and reserves the right to amend them.  If we amend our privacy policy, we will continue our commitment to keeping personal information secure.  We will notify you of any changes before they become effective.  We will continue to follow this policy regarding personal information even when a customer relationship no longer exists.  At DeLong Associates we are committed to the above principles as they pertain to any customer or their individual clients.